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Insulating your home has many benefits and if you haven’t already had it done then now is the time to consider it. Insulation helps to keep your house warmer as it prevents heat loss through your walls and roof and so keeps your house heated and reduces the amount you will need to spend on heating. If you don’t already have insulation in your home then now is a good time to consider it before the weather changes and you need to start turning the heating on.


So what exactly is insulation and how does it work?


How does insulation work?


Insulation can be made from a variety of materials and is fitted usually inside your wall cavity and in your loft. You can also have insulation supplies fit under your flooring too but this is more uncommon. The insulation material prevents heat from escaping through your walls and roof so it remains inside your home.

Hot air rises so the most efficient type of insulation is loft insulation. Materials, such as glass/rock fibre carpet, is laid in your loft cavity and this reduced the amount of heat energy which can escape upwards. The insulation deflects the heat back into your home so even without your central heating on; your home will stay warmer throughout the day and night.

Wall cavity insulation, such as polystyrene or polylscoyanurate- PIR helps to stop heat energy from escaping through the gap between your internal and external walls. This helps to keep your home warm during winter months but also helps to keep warmer air out during the summer so helps to keep the inside of your home cool.


What are the benefits?


Insulating your home has the obvious benefit of keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler during the summer but they are not the only positives to having insulation. As you home will be warmer during the winter, you will need to use your heating to heat your home less. This will save you money on your heating bills which, as we have seen in previous years, are likely to only ever become more expensive.


Installing insulation building products in your home will also reduce your carbon footprint and as reducing emissions and our impact on the environment has never been more important; insulation is a good step forward to living a greener lifestyle. The effect insulation has on your emissions is two-fold; as you will be switching your heating on less you will be using less energy but you will also be wasting less energy as it will no longer be escaping through your roof or walls.


If your home is draughty and cold in the winter and you can’t seem to see an end to your rising energy bills then installing insulation building materials throughout your home is a must. Insulating your home is relatively quick and simple and can save you hundreds of pounds a year. Insulate your home now with insulation supplies from RGC and reap the benefits when winter makes its arrival.