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At RGC we stock a full range of interior and exterior paints and varnishes including specialist woodcare treatments, coatings and stains as well as application and access equipment.

All our decorating items are available in store, by daily delivery, and most are also available online.

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At RGC Building Supplies, we offer a wide range of high-quality decorating products for the home. Our product range includes interior and exterior paints, varnishes, specialist woodcare treatments, coatings, wallpaper, application and access equipment and more. You can obtain our decorating supplies by ordering online, by giving us a call or by visiting us in our store.

A new lease of life

The products that we supply can help you change the character of a home and make it a better place to live. We provide products for professional decorators as well as people decorating their own homes and only ever stock high-quality supplies from the most-trusted brands. No matter how tired a home looks, decorating products can provide it with a new lease of life and bring it into the modern age. Even a simple lick of paint can make a considerable difference and make a home feel warmer and more inviting.

Products of the highest quality

It’s essential that you invest in high-quality decorating products whenever possible. If you do invest in cheap ones that don’t meet certain standards, you could find yourself spending a great deal of time and money putting things right. For example, bad paint jobs can result in problems such as cracking, foaming, blocking and cratering, to give just a few examples. DIY or consult the professionals?

It can be beneficial to carry out your own DIY jobs around the home to save money, although this is generally only a good idea if you have sufficient experience. If you don’t have the experience, you could again face sizeable costs just to put things right. It’s better to leave things to the professionals unless you are confident that you know what you are doing.

Why RGC?

We are waiting to hear from you right now if you do need help with selecting the right painting and decorating products for your needs. We know our catalogue inside out and can listen closely to what you have to say before making suggestions on how best to equip yourself for specific painting and decorating jobs. Our relative lack of overheads enables us to make considerable savings and pass them onto our customers, and the value for money that we offer never means making compromises when it comes to quality. More and more customers are choosing us over the competition all the time when they require painting and decorating supplies of the highest calibre.

A wider range

We can supply you with paint products including emulsion, gloss, undercoats and primers from some of the industry’s most trusted brands. We can also come to your assistance if you need products such as ladders, dust sheets and covers, protective clothing, wood care products and more. Feel free to consult us today if you do require any more information about any of the products in our range before you go ahead and make a purchase. You can do this by calling us on 01803 834 622 or by sending a message to