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Ted Todd Warehouse Collection

Brimming  with character, the Warehouse range combines wide planks and a hand-worked, undulating surface for a modern yet authentic take on hardwood flooring. Crafted with slow grown European oak and harvested with FSC® certification, it's easy to maintain yet strikingly beautiful.

                                                    LARGE SAMPLE DISPLAY BOARDS 

The new display is now on show in our first floor showroom. You are welcome to borrow the large samples to try them in your room at home or on site.




There are many different flooring options that are available on the market today. One type of flooring that is becoming more and more popular is wood engineered flooring. In this short guide, we will reveal the key things you need to know about this type of flooring, including how it is made and the many benefits that are associated with it.

What is engineered wood flooring?

Engineered wood is an exceptional choice through most areas around the home. It has an appearance of solid wood, yet it is a lot easier to install. It has the same unmistakable natural look and irresistible feel of solid wood. However, engineered wood is a lot easier to work with.

How is engineered wood flooring produced/manufactured?

It features a wood bottom layer, a ply middle layer, a click together joint, and a real hardwood top layer.  The latter gives engineered wood the natural feel and look and can come in different thicknesses depending on the quality of the floor. The click-together joint makes installation easy and quick, requiring no nails or glue. Engineered wood is available with a groove fixing and tongue for more installation options. The multi-ply middle-layer, or HDF or softwood core, is glued to the top layer using perpendicular grain direction, which provides stability. A wood bottom layer gives a stable and strong foundation, which sandwiches this.

What are the benefits of having engineered wood flooring as opposed to carpet/other types of flooring?

There are many different reasons why people today prefer wood engineered flooring over the different options that are available today. This includes the following…


-          The top layer can be sanded and re-finished if needed, meaning you can easily enhance or change the appearance of the flooring.

-          You can choose between many different plank widths, finishes, colours, styles, and wood types.

-          It is quick and easy to install, as most wood engineered flooring comes with a click fitting system.

-          Compatible with underfloor heating.

-          Can be installed in a number of different ways to suit your preference and property. Very stable product.

-          More resistant to fluctuations in humidity and temperature than solid wood flooring.

-          Has a real layer of wood on the top, unlike laminate flooring.

-          Difficult to tell the difference between this flooring and real wood flooring once it has been installed.

-          Less expensive than solid hardwood flooring, meaning you are going to be getting all of these benefits without spending as much.


What can RGC offer in terms of engineered flooring?

If you are interested in having wood engineered flooring installed in your home, look no further than RGC Building Supplies. We have a great selection of flooring available, including stunning wood engineered flooring, as well as many other styles and materials. We have large sample display boards available on the first floor in our showroom. You are more than welcome to borrow these samples so that you can try them in your property. Contact us now to find out more.