Ceramic Flooring

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The Pros and Cons of Ceramic Flooring

Mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms but suitable anywhere due to its resilient nature, ceramic flooring offers long lasting wear. It’s ideal for warm climates giving a cooling feel for the feet and it can even be great in cooler climates where it can be attached to an under floor electric heating system.

You can choose ceramic tiling in a variety of sizes, styles, materials and finishes and to suit different budgets. Wall tiles are particularly useful in kitchens and bathrooms, where water and food debris can get splashed around as they are easy to wipe down and keep clean.

The Pros of Ceramic Flooring

There are many advantages to having ceramic tiled flooring in your home. Here are the top ways ceramic tiles will benefit your home;

  • Water and stain resistant. This is the main reason ceramic tiles are great for kitchens, wet rooms, laundry rooms etc. The hard protective layer doesn’t absorb water or stains which is great in humid conditions.
  • Extremely durable. If well maintained, ceramic flooring can last for hundreds of years! Even in the rare circumstance you get a crack in a tile, a single tile is easy to replace.
  • Easy to maintain. Because any liquid spillage will lie on the surface of a tile, it’s easy to wipe or mop it away. Dust and dirt can easily be vacuumed up which is great for allergen sufferers.
  • An affordable flooring option. There are many budget options for floor tiling making it a great option if you’re watching the pennies. Of course if you want to spend more, there are more expensive options you can go for, cost depends on the style and difficulty of the installation.
  • Multiple design options. Modern manufacturing techniques allows tiles to be made in many shapes and with multiple patterns, colours and motif designs. You can even choose a tile made to look like real stone or hardwood for a natural finish.

The Cons of Ceramic Flooring

Ceramic tiled flooring is one of the most hard wearing, value for money options for flooring in your home. Unfortunately like with everything there’s a few cons, but these can be easily reconciled.

  • Ceramic tiled flooring is extremely hard. Being extremely tough, resilient flooring, one thing to remember is that it can make the floor quite hard to stand on for long periods. A way to counteract this is to throw a rug over an area you’ll be standing for a long time.
  • It’s a cold flooring. Ceramic flooring can be a shock for bare feet in the morning, especially in the winter! Again this can be counteracted with a rug or underfloor heating.
  • Can be tricky and time-consuming to install. Laying down the tiles so they match up to others, are straight and flat takes some expertise.
  • Ceramic flooring can be heavy. Due to ceramic being quite weighty, it’s imperative ceramic tiles are placed only on floors that have a stiff, strong structure.

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