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A high performance sterling board that offers powerful dimensional

stability and load bearing strength. Perfect for dry conditions.

Commonly used for shelving and platform construction, pallet

manufacture, packaging, boarding up, signboards,

upholstered furniture frames, shopfitting, bar and hotel fitting,

exhibition stands.


Available in 11mm thickness in 2440 x 1220 sheets.

Many additional sizes are available on request.



Proven OSB stability and load carrying

capability, in a sterling board format that’s conditioned for humid

environments. OSB 3 is most commonly used for roofing,

sarking, site hoardings, timber frame buildings and flooring.


Available in 18mm thickness in 2440 x 1220 sheets.

Many additional sizes are available on request.





Source OSB from RGC Building Supplies

OSB is an acronym for oriented strand board. This kind of material is also referred to as sterling board and flakeboard in certain territories. It is made from engineered sheet timber and can be used for flooring, wall panels and roof decking to give just a few examples. It is often compared to plywood and is mainly used for interior applications rather than exterior ones.

What is OSB?

The history of OSB stretches back to the 1960s. It features layers of compressed timber strands which are bonded together with adhesive and has a rough surface. The adhesives are normally made from wax and synthetic resin. Additional membranes are often added to OSB to make it impermeable to water. One of the reasons so many people opt for OSB for their projects is that it tends to be more affordable than plywood. The long strips of wood used to create OSB are strategically placed. This is where the ‘oriented’ part of the name comes from.

How is OSB made?

OSB is available in various sizes. The wood used to create OSB is generally taken from quick-growing trees. During the manufacturing process, logs are cut into strands. These strands are then dried out before they are organised and treated. Panels are made by grouping the strands into large sheets before they are pressurised at high temperatures. Today, OSB is seen as a big competitor to plywood.

OSB from RGC Building Supplies

At RGC Building Supplies, we can supply you with two types of OSB. OSB 2 is a high-performance strand of sterling board delivering impressive dimensional stability as well as tough load bearing strength. This option is ideal for installation in dry environments and is often used for applications like shelving and platform construction, packaging, boarding up, pallet manufacture, shopfitting, bar and hotel fitting, upholstered furniture frames and exhibition stands. Although it is available in 11mm thickness in 2440 x 1220 sheets, we can provide various additional sizes upon request.

OSB for humid environments

If you require an OSB product for humid conditions, OSB 3 may fit the bill. This option is also renowned for its load carrying capability as well as its stability but is typically used for sarking, roofing, timber frame buildings, flooring and site hoardings. A large number of customers opt for OSB 3 in 18mm thickness in 2440 x 1220 sheets, but we can also supply additional sizes upon request.

Getting in touch

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